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The perfect app for your company 

Use data for a 360-degree view of your business

Take your data to the next level

With Appfy you can have the app you always wanted for your business. You will have at your fingertips the latest tools to triple your sales.

Analytical modernization of your app

We create apps according to your tastes and improve your customers' shopping experience

Greater reach 

With mobile applications it will allow you to reach a greater number of buyers around the world.

Thousands of services in your app

Offer them the possibility of purchasing in your modern, secure, subtle, intuitive app adapted to all devices.

Differentiation from your competitors

In your app you will have a wide variety of options. Such as banners, sliders and product carousel. You can also customize absolutely everything.

Unprecedented speed. Impeccable reliability.

Enhance your brand image

The app will allow your customers to access the store much faster than on the web and thus the customer will have more facilities when accessing the account, the entire product catalog, the search engine and the cart. In addition, the app will be updated by our team.

With an app you will improve your brand image, and you will position yourself ahead of your competition as a current and innovative company.

Push Messages

By having a mobile application with Appfy you will have a variety of advantages. You can send personalized notifications to your users, who will receive promotions, new releases or alerts on their mobile devices. With push messages it will help you have a greater range of purchases, and above all, build customer loyalty. You can create exclusive offers for app users.

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Services for your App

In your app you will have a wide variety of options. Such as banners, sliders and product carousels, the corporate colors of the app, such as the color of the top bar, icons and position of elements.

You can also customize the menu content, extra links in the menu and links to social networks.

You can configure fonts, navigation bars among many other things.


Custom menu configuration or multi-language option in the app

Search engine

Integration with product search engine and insertion of links to your social networks in the app


Real-time logo, color and font customization with real-time preview of changes

Image by Andrew Kliatskyi

App control

Advanced statistics, downloads, views and sales from the app


Customizing sections on the main screen


Image carousel, banners and product carousel on the main screen


Barcode and QR scanner option


Configurable top and bottom navigation bars

PUSH messages

Unlimited message sendingpus

We are proud of our numbers


Years of experience


Business partners


Installed products


Countries of the world


International Collaborations

Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Since the creation of Appfy for professional app development, we have had the privilege of working with a wide diversity of clients across different industries. In addition to the experience acquired, each project gave us the opportunity to innovate, solve problems and personalize our services according to the needs of our clients.

Some of our clients

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